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We offer you several adventures, to respond to your envies and we can also create a custom trip.

You will find below several examples of adventures that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain extra information on these trips or on other trips that you wish to begin and we will offer you a custom package all for you!



SUNSET COCKTAIL (from 16:00 to 20:00)

What could be more magical than to finish an exhausting week or wanting to flee the frenzy of the town, by admiring, for the calm, a magnificent sunset, on the lagoon. We will offer you a fruit cocktail with or without alcohol accompanied by several appetizers. Starting from 90 euro on the basis of 12 persons.
Starting from 90 euro on the basis of 12 persons.

COCKTAIL RECEPTION (from 16:00 to 22:00)

Swimming, idleness, sunset cocktail at nightfall, we will offer you a selection of desserts in colourful and succulent glasses, next several soft sweets, accompanied by small scoops, all in a cozy and musical ambiance.
Starting from 130 euro on the basis of 12 persons.

FIRST CRUISE (from 16:00 to 22:00)

We offer you a first approach of the lagoon and cruise on a top of the range boat. You will pass an unforgettable and convivial moment.
Starting from 130 euro on the basis of 12 persons.


For thanking employees, valuing the image of your company with your guests, facilitating partners, motivating your team, etc..
For prices and schedules, consult us.



Mayotte Island, 101th of Africa and 300 Km from Madagascar. Camped in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the world, it consists of two principle islands and about thirty isles.

The coral barrier borders the French department lagoon, is situated in the Mozambique Channel, at 400 Km by more than 150 Km, interrupted here and there by a number of passes, (S pass, South Saziley pass, North, Boat pass, M Tsamboro pass, etc). It differs from other lagoons by the presence in the south by a double barrier reef of 18 Km long.

This reef procures a refuge for boats and oceanic fauna. Along the coast, Mayotte is bordered by the fringed reef that allows the beach, Mangrove to have a first falling where multicoloured fishes and corals rival of colours; Surgeon fishes, coffers, Clowns, Butterflies, Emperor, Lion, Parrot, Trigger, Trumpet Wahoo, Tuna, Grouper, Moray eel and many more species in the form and colours harmonious to the most bizarre, streaming on the bank, in pairs or by itself assuring the spectacle of places.

Even greater, in the lagoon or even more larger, cohabit about fifteen or so species of dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales, several dugongs, green or hawk bill tortoise coming to lay on the beaches; on these same beaches you can cross the Makis (small lemurs) that look for their sustenance, if you have with you several bananas they will approach you and appear very near.

From the month of March to April, you can swim with the devil of the seas (The Manta Ray). From July to October, the giant of the seas comes to put low and nourish its waves in security. You can observe at this occasion the numerous whale calf jumps. Several solitary males take advantage of it also to organise their love parade.

The beaches of Mayotte are often deserted, rimmed with the turquoise water and wave cut platform regularly grazed by the tortoises, ending by the multicoloured coral walls, often less than 300 m from the shore. You will find there white, yellow, red and black sand, bordered by coconut palms, tropical almond trees but also baobab in the south of the island.

ROMANTIC CRUISE (from 16:00 to 8:00 day + 1)

You want to offer a unique and romantic moment to be loved, just to tell her how much you love her or to celebrate a particular event, marriage anniversary, Saint Valentine, etc.
Starting from 288 euro per person on a basis of 8 persons.

MINI CRUISE (2 JOURS 1 NUIT)(2 days 1 night)

It’s you that decides your programme, to do nothing, to be carried away by the wind or sport cruise, snorkelling, kayaking, sail boarding, underwater scooter or diving (59 euro per person for diving). Discover one of the isles’ white sand relaxing in a deserted inlet, diving into the hot turquoise water and why not share the moment with the dolphins. The risk, it’s that you will find it very short. It’s for this reason that we offer longer cruises. Starting from 288 euro per person per day on a basis of 8 persons.
Starting from 288 euro per person per day on a basis of 8 persons. 



On board the ALAMANDAS BOAT catamaran, you will have all the necessity to make your honeymoon a unique and magnificent moment. Imagine yourself before the setting sun, a glass of champagne, dreaming all while contemplating the countryside that takes your breath away, all this while embracing the love of your life. It is not just a simple honeymoon, but a unique adventure for two.


3 days (starting from 4181 euro)

Dzaoudzi Bay to Handrema Bay to Acoua Bay to M’Zouazia

5 days (starting from 7 235 euros)

Dzaoudzi Bay to Dapani Bay to M’Zouazia Bay to the Soulou Isand Cascade to M’Tsamboro.

7 jours (starting from 10 289 euros)

Dzaoudzi Island to M’Tsangoma-Prefet beach-Soulou beach bay-Terns White Sable Isle-N’Goujat Bay-Bouini Isle-East Bambo Isle

MOHELO OR MWALI  (about 16 hours of navigation)


The crew of ALAMANDAS BOAT takes care of administrative approach.

It is the very small island of the three islands of the Comoros, it is situated at the north entrance of the Mozambique canal; its capital is Fombini. The island possesses a number of white sandy beaches. In the south, you will find the Moheli Marine Park; it is comprised of a number of isles including Chacot Isle which is a refuge for birds but also a renowned diving site.

The principle town is Nioumachoua (the pearl of Moheli), next the town I would like to say is a village, this village is constituted of cob constructed houses, its main street is earth and dugouts wait by the beach for the fishing hour. The inhabitants are very welcoming in the coming evening will discuss with you, on the basis of their port. There is no electricity, which allows better observation of the starry sky.

5 to 7 Days

Mamoudzou-South Nioumachoua Lagoon-Faro Isle-Ouenefou Isle-Black Rock Isle-Rock Plate-Chacot Isle. Possibility of hiking with a local guide (observing Livingston bats, laying tortoises, etc)

MADAGASCAR (24 hours of navigation)


7  to 10 days

Show up at your hotel on each island.

Situated about 45 minutes from Nosy Be. This archipelago which the name signifies the unknown and extends about 70 km is formed of 8 isles or groups of isles.

It reins there a particular atmosphere, powerful, almost magnificent, without a doubt related to the volcanic origins, disengaging in this world listed as one of the most beautiful natural sites in the patrimonial world of UNESCO

Mamoudzou or Hell town—Nosy Faly-Maribe Bay-Nosy Komba-Nosy Lava-Nosy Mitsio-SakatiaAmenez votre hôtel dans chaque île.

THE GLORIOSO (24 hours of navigation)

5 to 7 days

Glorioso Archipelagos (11°35’ and 47°18’) is posted standing guard at the north entrance of the Mozambique Channel. The Glorioso are distanced 253 km from the Northwest of Dzaoudzi (Mayotte).

The archipelago composes of the Grande Glorieuse, Lys Isle and the Green Rocks. The archipelago of about 7 km is principally constituted of a sandy bank, and a coral platform that appears to extend 17 km long.

Discovered at the 16th and valued the archipelago. The exploitation of the coconut plantation and guano stopped at the end of the 50s. A meteorology station was installed in 1955 and a French military detachment is present since the end of 1973. Over 1000 marine species are currently listed, all branches mixed up. Lys Island is a haven of peace for a number of birds and crabs.

The circuits proposed are susceptible to be modified to the meteorology function.


Have you found the trip the you like? Let us offer you a trip a la carte. Indicate to us where you wish to go, the duration of your trip and the places you wish to visit. We will create for you a package with our partners and all with it! The prices are variable. Group rates are possible!

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